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The Original Engine Oil Drain Valve Since 1976 - 10 million+ valves sold worldwide


Granted "Genuine Parts" Status in Japan By:

fumoto valve genuine part status
See How Quick & Easy!

Say Good-bye to your oil drain plug
Simply by replacing your oil drain plug with the Fumoto Oil Drain Valve you can drain yout motor/engine oil without tools or mess. It's a really simple installation. Say Good-bye to your oil drain plug
Easy-to-use, Secure Locking System
Just lift the lever and give it a quarter turn to open it. Return the lever to its original position and it locks closed, double sealed to prevent leakage.
Learn more about our recent trade dress registration granted for its distinctive design.
Sizes to fit all cars, trucks, vans & RVs
Fumoto Valve comes in many sizes to fit cars, trucks, vans, RVs and even industrial equipment. You can browse by size or by car model to find the model you need.

fumoto valve "Oil changes can be easy as turning lever - A one time replacement with Fumoto valve eliminates all inconveniences associated with conventional drain plugs. Our test of the valve proved to be a total success. this product should make oil change faster and easier, eliminating much of the oil-change procrastination that serves only to shorten engine life."

- MotorHome Magazine
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